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Why Give Back?

Supporting the organizations, businesses and people that make Peterborough and this region so special is really important to me. I have done a few local events that were well received by the community and were a lot of fun, such as pumpkin painting, movie night in the park, and pictures with Santa . The joy I see in my neighbors and the gratitude they express is what led me to start the Petrone’s NON Profits Campaign.

With this campaign, I can give back to 5 amazing local nonprofits that are all doing awesome things to impact the community in a positive way. Through resources, support, education and entertainment these organizations are all part of what makes this area so special. Click on the logos below to check out each of the nonprofit

The Petrone Real Estate slogan “people first, homes second” really hits that nail on the head of what this whole thing means to me. The opportunity to be an integral part of this journey for an individual or a family is a privilege and I take great pride in the impact I can have. If at the same time I can give back and have an impact on the community, I consider it a Win-Win!